Watercool HEATKILLER IV for GTX 1080Ti Waterblock Review

Conclusion and Verdict

The Heatkiller IV combines all the best. It was clearly designed for the most demanding users who besides high performance also care about high quality and unique looks. Everything in this product is perfect. If I was picky then I could say that package could be better but it protects the water block well and you will throw it away anyway, so I don’t think it matters much for most users.

Watercool used high-flow design to improve performance and let to use even lower power pumps in the loop. It works as designed. Also removing air bubbles after first filling the loop is easy. Then you can clearly see how easily water flows.

Every single part of the Heatkiller fits perfectly. We don’t have to worry about too high pressure or anything like that. Additional spacers and thermal pads are keeping the water block in the perfect place.

The Heatkiller IV for GTX 1080Ti is available in Watercool online store for 114.95. I think it’s a good price considering high quality of the product but you have to remember that backplate is additional cost.



  • High quality
  • High performance
  • Great looks
  • Reasonable price considering high quality


  • Have to buy backplate separately


Final words:

The Heatkiller IV combines high quality, great looks and high performance. What else you may want from a graphics card cooler ?

The Heatkiller IV is the best you can get for the GTX1080 Ti graphics card. It’s a clear choice for the most demanding users.

Watercool makes it easy to recommend their products. It’s my second review of this brand and for the second time the Heatkiller receives Editor’s Choice Award!


editors choice


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