Review: GameSir VX AimSwitch E-sports Gaming Input Adapter Combo for Consoles

Today we will be covering the GameSir VX AimSwitch E-sports Gaming Input Adapter Combo. This is obviously aimed towards console users that miss the keys and mouse in a FPS. For those of you that have suffered through playing all those games on your controller you can now breath a sigh of relief. We have a decent setup from GameSir to show you today. I will get into the details further along in the review and show off the features of the unit. I can also see a use of this setup for a laptop. I always never felt the groove on a laptop keyboard and always had to lug around my huge keyboard and mouse setup. I may be surprisingly switching to this out of pure convenience and the feel is definitely better than a laptop keyboard. Well lets not delay this any longer and get to the good stuff!

GameSir VX AimSwitch E-sports Combo contains GameSir VX E-sports one-handed gaming keypad, GameSir GM190 E-sports gaming mouse and 2.4GHz wireless dongle of GameSir exclusive Agility X technology. It is compatible with mainstream console platforms including Xbox One/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Switch through stable original controller connection, providing accurate and instant keypad and mouse control. GameSir VX gaming keypad has a 1000mAh built-in lithium battery with 38 E-sports level mechanical switches. It is perfectly compatible with console platforms/PC through 2.4GHz/Bluetooth4.0 connection. Keypad+mouse combo: GameSir GM190 gaming mouse greatly optimizes aiming accuracy and stability, avoiding external mouse’s poor compatibility and high consumption. GameSir G-Crux mobile app allows you to configure every key of the keypad based on your habits when it is connected with mobile phone.



I would like to thank GameSir for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Guangzhou Chicken Run Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. We are a leading innovative technology company featuring mobile Internet intelligent equipment, game development and platform services in China. As the company grows, we established GameSir (Chinese name “盖世小鸡”) in 2013, which has become a world renowned gaming peripheral brand. Our offices are located in Guangzhou, China (headquarter), Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China (R&D departments), and Los Angeles area, U.S. (global marketing center).

So far, GameSir controller ranks No. 1 in controllers category in online e-commerce platforms. Our products are sold in over 60 countries and regions and become the most popular brand among gamers. In order to enhance gaming experience, GameSir has built strategic partnerships with China’s top-ranked game publishers including Tencent and NetEase. The successful cooperation of CrossFire mobile, Dragon Nest mobile, PUBG mobile of Tencent and Onmyoji Arena, Meteor, Butterfly And a Sword of NetEase have skyrocketed the brand awareness of GameSir.

Moreover, Happy Chick Emulator – a gaming platform developed and operated by GameSir – has over 70 million global users and over 1.5 million daily active users. The platform was designed to provide extraordinary gaming experience for global gamers.

In the spirit of practicality and innovation, GameSir has been exploring new fields in mobile and gaming equipment. We have grown from specializing in mobile gaming accessories and gaming platform development to all platforms gaming peripheral development. Hitherto, our products cover whole series of gaming peripherals and accessories including game controller, grip, battledock, keypad, mouse, speaker, earphone, HDMI cable, console adapter and console accessory.

“Gaming is Winning.™” We dedicate ourselves to creating and exploring comprehensive gaming experience as always. With advanced technologies and gamer-oriented purposes, we converge ergonomic design and philosophy to all products and make ourselves leading and competitive in gaming technology and design.



  • 32-Bit MUC High-Speed Chip
    All GameSir gamepads are integrated with a Killer-level 32-bit microcontroller chip with a high performance up to 48MHz. The chip is in charge of all complex commands and ensuring the fast and precise reaction of every single control input. Comparing to competitors, our microcontroller chip has an ultra-reduced processing time, unnoticeable wake-up time, extremely low temperature and remarkably energy efficient. 
  • LED Lighting Crystal Buttons
    The heritage design of GameSir gamepad has been granted as our Patent. Physically designed action buttons, solid and responsive, can be pressed with no effort. Crystal buttons stay grey with the gamepad off. When turned on, the beautiful button ignites four hidden fantastic LED colored letters, XYAB, and gives an amazing sparkle light. 
  • SignalSharing™ Technology
    GameSir products adopt SignalSharing™ technology to implement the cross-platform compatibility. This technique allows GameSir C2 fightstick to connect to the original controller of Xbox One or PS4, proxying the signal and agenting the controller. 
  • SDK Develop Kit
    As committed to making games better and easier to control, we providing the controlling resolution opens to all mobile game developer. The GameSir SDK, a developer kit which is the complete tool needed to set up the compatibility with GameSir gamepads. The rich APIs and easy-to-use interface gives developers the most flexibility and convenience to work with. Our kit has been successfully adopted by at least 30 game titles including Tencent’s Dragon Nest and CrossFire. 
  • Software Ecosystem
    Happy Chick Emulator and GameSir World App are playing the important rules in the integral ecological chain of hardware-software. Happy Chick Emulator, with over 70 million global users and and over 1.5 million daily active users, is one of the largest retro gaming platform and community over the world. The GameSir World App, the strong games sharing community, has also become the essential for gamepad owners who want to discover over 1,000 mobile games that support gamepads natively in this app. 
  • Strict Quality Control System
    GameSir has strict quality control system both on material application and technology processing to ensure that we can consistently produce at the highest levels of qualification. The gamepad parts have been passed several strict tests; the buttons were pre-tested by strict pressing of one million times that ensures the life cycle of buttons to be 5 years or more. All gamepads were officially certificated with RoHS, CE, FCC standards.



Product History

2013 – Long with the establishment of GameSir, GameSir G1 gamepad came to the market. Also, the use the crystal buttons has become our signature design element fort the first time.

2014 – GameSir G2 series, the second generation came with an extreme portability design and a stronger chip. We optimized the gamepad by minimizing the size and maximizing the computing bandwidth and therefore make it ideal for outdoor gaming.

2015 – GameSir G3 series was released. We redesigned the entire appearance of the G3 series gamepad for the next level of improvement – more ergonomic, comfortable holding and better quality.

2016GameSir G4s was built, a monster level gamepad integrated with the stronger power, the extreme high-quality materials and the ultra-shaped and ergonomic design. It goes beyond the global gaming controller manufactory again.

2017 – With GameSir’s professional spirits, here came GameSir T1 series, the classically shaped gamepad with great texture, and GameSir T2 series, the perfect combination of the futuristic beauty and the accurate-improved controlling.

2018 – More beyond-you-expect products await in 2018 includes GameSir M2, the iOS suitable gamepad, GameSir G5, the MOBA-dedicated gamepad with brand new button layout and GameSir VX AimSwitch, the keypad and mouse adapter for consoles.

Future – The evolution of GameSir’s product has been changing the way we interact with gaming better and simpler. We will never stop moving forward to bring every gamer the innovative products.


You can buy the GameSir VX AimSwitch for around USD $99 from Amazon –

Now let us see what this GameSir VX AimSwitch is all about!


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