Apacer NOX 32GB DDR5-5200 Memory Kit Review

In the coming weeks AMD will be launching new chipsets for their new AM5 platform supporting DDR5 ram. This is really exciting news. However having said that, Intel have already  launched their 600 series chipsets last year with DDR5 support, while for AMD, it will be the first step into the DDR5 generation. Regardless of your preference, you will need new RAM. Now that DDR5 kits are already widely available on the market, deciding the right choice for your memory needs is not always easy.

In this review, we will present one of the more affordable DDR5 kits available, the Apacer NOX, which is rated at DDR5-5200. The memory kit is designed to deliver high performance and be compatible with all new motherboards that support the latest memory standard.

Stay with us to determine how much to expect from the 32GB DDR5-5200 Apacer NOX memory kit.

Leaving The Rest Behind

Performance. Capacity. Stability. Efficiency. Apacer’s NOX DDR5 gaming memory module takes these all to the next level. The competition just can’t keep up.


A Splash of Darkness

NOX is a dark goddess with a minimalist design. The alloy heat sink delivers top-notch heat dissipation. And its eye-catching appearance really makes it stand out.


PMIC Becomes More Stable and Efficient

True synergy is delivered by the combination of the heat sink’s dissipation and the power management chip’s efficiency. Less power consumed means less heat to remove. This is where efficiency meets stability. This is the way forward.


Supports On-die ECC for Greater Stability

NOX DDR5 memory modules support on-die error correction, keeping the system stable by automatically correcting data errors.


Intel® XMP 3.0 Support For Easily Overclocking

Supporting Intel® XMP 3.0, with one click of a button, users can easily overclock their system without making any manual adjustments to BIOS parameters.


Meticulously Screened DRAM ICs

Based on Apacer’s long-term experience in the industry, the meticulously screened DRAM ICs ensure excellent stability and compatibility with major motherboards.


Low Power, High Intensity

Low latency and low operating voltage reduce power consumption, keep components cool, and extend service life. Game at the highest resolutions while maintaining speed and stability.


QVL Compatibility Certification

Ensuring its stability with all motherboards on the QVL (Qualified Vendor List) through multiple compatibility verifications of mainstream motherboard manufacturers.


You can buy something similar the CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5-5600 32GB Memory Kit for around USD $169 from Amazon – https://amzn.to/3q7k3iy


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