Ballistix Sport LT 64GB DDR4-3200 White Memory Kit Review


Our memory kit contains four modules, 16GB capacity each. As I already mentioned, we’ve received four memory modules packed separately, but it’s precisely the same memory as you can find in a quad-pack. Ballistix is one of not many brands which is using exactly the same memory IC under the same product number what is great as it’s easy to buy additional memory modules and we are sure it will work with the memory we already had installed. Simply, no matter if we buy two dual channel or one quad channel kit, it will work the same.

Since I mentioned memory IC then under the heatsinks, we can find Micron E die. Thanks to free software like Thaiphoon Burner, we don’t have to remove heatsinks to check that.

The memory kit is rated at DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18 1.35V. We’ve seen tighter timings in other memory series, but not many brands are selling Micron-based memory kits at these timings. What does it tell us? The memory IC is binned for higher speed and gives us hope on additional overclocking.

Ballistix Sport LT is designed for all modern desktop platforms and should work without issues on Intel and AMD motherboards. Our memory has one XMP profile which works without problems in dual or quad channel mode on ASRock X399M Taichi, EVGA X299 Dark and ASUS Maximus XI Gene motherboards. This review is focused on a quad channel mode which will be wider tested using the i9-7900X processor and the EVGA X299 Dark motherboard.

Above you can see a screenshot with four hours of stability test at XMP settings, taken on the X399 chipset so AMD Threadripper in quad channel mode. The Ballistix Sport LT works out of the box, and all that is required is to enable memory profile in motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI.


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