Ballistix Sport LT 64GB DDR4-3200 White Memory Kit Review

Package and its Contents

Each Ballistix Sport LT memory module comes in a plastic box which protects memory well for the time of transport. The packaging is well described so there are no problems to check what we can find inside. Inside of each box, we will find the 16GB memory module rated at DDR4-3200 and 1.35V. Each memory module is the same and has a matching product number, but I already mentioned that on the last page of this review.

Memory modules are standard height so shouldn’t cause any issues during installation with even the largest cooling solutions.

Tested Ballistix Sport LT is equipped with white heatsinks and what is rare on the memory market, it also has a white PCB what is even harder to find. There are additional colors available like silver or red. This memory doesn’t have any additional illumination, but somehow I’m glad of that fact as there is too much RGB on the market already. The lack of LED lighting for many users is actually an advantage. I feel that many brands are focusing more on RGB LEDs than on any improvements in existing products.

Memory modules look great. I love white memory modules. It also proves that memory doesn’t need additional LED lighting to look good.

Under the aluminum heatsinks, we will find Micron IC what is not a surprise since Ballistix is a gaming brand of Micron Corporation. Micron IC is also showing excellent compatibility and stability.

Above photos are not presenting the actual test platform. It looks better on the ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard than on some other test motherboards that we used. It also shows there are no issues with coolers or tighter spaces.

Performance and stability have been tested on many motherboards, but as I already said, we will focus on the most popular quad channel chipset – Intel X299 while additional overclocking tests will be performed in a dual channel on the Z390 chipset.


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