Essencore KLEVV CRAS V RGB 32GB DDR5-8000 CL38 Memory Kit Review


Conclusion and Verdict

The 8000MT/s version of the CRAS V RGB memory shares most of the advantages with the previously reviewed 6400MT/s kit but is faster and overclocks higher. It’s one more successful KLEVV product that is easy to recommend to gamers, overclockers, and computer enthusiasts.

KLEVV used all the best components to provide top quality and performance. There were no problems with XMP compatibility and RGB illumination during the tests. Everything was perfect.

The price is not confirmed as the 8000MT/s version is not listed in any popular store, even though it was released a while ago. It always takes some time until the top-speed products appear on the store shelves. Knowing the prices of other KLEVV products in stores like Amazon and prices of lower frequency CRAS V RGB memory, we can only assume it will be comparable to the competitive brands or even slightly cheaper.

Edit: the memory kit is available on Amazon right now for around $210 – click to go to the store.


Final words:

The KLEVV CRAS V RGB 32GB DDR5-8000 combines the best of everything for the most demanding users. If you’re after high performance, reliability, compatibility, unique aesthetics, and RGB illumination, then stick with the KLEVV brand and its DDR5 memory kits. You can’t go wrong with any memory of the CRAS V RGB family!

KLEVV CRAS V RGB 32GB DDR5-8000 memory kit receives the Funky Kit Editor’s Choice Award!



You can buy the KLEVV CRAS V RGB 32GB DDR5-8000 memory kit from Amazon for around $210 –


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