Predator Hermes RGB 32GB DDR5-6800 CL32 Memory Kit Review

The Predator gaming brand don’t often release new products, but when they do, it’s usually something exceptional. The Hermes DDR5 memory series is no different, and brings high expectations, especially when the specifications tell us about its high frequencies and low latency.

The tested memory is the 32GB DDR5-6800 CL32, so it’s not the highest model, but it should perfectly work on every Intel motherboard with the Z790 and B760 chipsets. It also gives us the lowest CL on the market, which is already an advantage over the competition.

The full performance report can be found in our review, so stay with us to determine how much to expect from the Predator Hermes RGB 32GB DDR5-6800 memory kit.

Predator is a high-end gaming brand owned by the world-renowned PC manufacturer Acer. With a
respected series of premium products for hardcore gamers and enthusiasts, Predator brand is
recognized as a leader in the gaming community by experts and influencers. Under an official license,
Predator storage and memory products are designed, built, and marketed by a specialist maker of SSDs.
Meeting strict licensing conditions ensures each product lives up to the brand name.


Impressive Speed Performance
Available with impressive speeds up to 8000 MHz, Hermes DDR5 provides different speed options. It offers the ultimate edge over any competition.

Low Latency
Tested rigorously for overclocking potential, Hermes drops the latency to CL36 and the voltage to 1.45 V, drastically improving performance for both gaming and business.

New Look, New Style
Available in White / Silver / Black to suit your own style, Hermes DDR5 showcases superior product design and technical advantages.

Quality Components for Enhanced Performance
With its programmable PMIC, Hermes achieves more efficient power load management, and improves system stability. It also adopts 10-layer PCB to bring enhanced data integrity and overclocking performance.

No More Heat Issues
Hermes comes with an optional complimentary customized fan in 40 × 40 mm (max. air flow: 4.72 CFM), which is easy to install on mainstream DDR5 motherboards in the market. It also has a metallic heat sink to enhance heat dissipation.

Proven quality
Hermes DDR5 modules undergo a barrage of strict testing throughout the production process—including tests for compatibility, reliability, and other parameters of quality. Hermes comes with a limited lifetime warranty to bring you peace of mind.



We haven’t been able to get a MSRP on the Predator Hermes RGB 32GB DDR5-6800 CL32 Memory Kits, but you can buy something similar … the G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series DDR5 RAM 32GB kits for aorund USD $120 from Amazon –


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