Essencore KLEVV CRAS XR5 RGB 32GB DDR5-6200 CL40 Memory Kit Review

Today we present to you the new KLEVV memory kit from their CRAS XR5 DDR5 series. The tested memory kit is rated at DDR5-6200 and has a total capacity of 32GB (2 x 16GB modules). It’s perfect for the modern gaming computer, and matches the new AMD Ryzen 7000 recommended speed, so it’s what we will be using for the test platform.

A long list of CRAS XR5 gaming features includes RGB illumination and a very unique design. I won’t share everything in the introduction, but I’m sure many of our readers will love it.

Stay with us to find out how much to expect from the KLEVV CRAS XR5 RGB 32GB DDR5-6200 memory kit.

Meet the Next-generation Memory – Embracing DDR5’s Ultimate Performance

Ushering in a new era of memory with cutting-edge DDR5 technology, the latest CRAS XR5 RGB is engineered using the strictest standard to bring ultra-fast speed & rock-solid quality.

Gorgeous Lighting, Unparalleled Effect – Mesmerizing Circular Light Diffuser

The one-of-a-kind circular light bar design of the CRAS XR5 RGB can bring a unique dazzling lighting effect to your fabulous build. Make your PC more enviable than ever with its astonishing illumination!

Improved Cooling Efficiency with – Aluminum Texture

The heatsink is made with high-quality aluminum metal for efficient thermal conductivity, and its round-shape grooves further maximize the surface area to improve cooling efficiency.

Advanced Technology to Redefine Your Powerful Rig

Combining all the advantages together, the CRAS XR5 RGB is bound to deliver optimal performance, power efficiency, and stability altogether. Every component and material used is carefully selected and screened to meet our rigorous criteria.

Quick n Easy Overclocking – Intel® XMP 3.0 Ready

Programmed with the latest Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) 3.0 profiles, optimized setting of timing, voltage, and speed is provided by default when using the CRAS XR5 RGB. Simple step to apply the overclock setting easily in the blink of an eye!

Born for Gamers, Perfect for AAA Games – An Ideal Memory Kit for All Enthusiasts

The CRAS XR5 RGB offers extremely fast performance for top-tier gaming programs and applications. It’s tailor-made for gamers and enthusiasts who are pursuing speed, design, and quality all at once.

QVL Tested & Approved – Excellent Compatibility across Mainboards

Tested for QVL (Qualified Vendors List) from the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, the CRAS XR5 RGB is approved to be compatible with mainstream mainboards. Time to upgrade your system with confidence and get a trouble-free experience!


You can buy something similar – the Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB DDR5-6200 Memory Kit for around USD $285 from Amazon –


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