Essencore KLEVV CRAS V RGB 32GB DDR5-8000 CL38 Memory Kit Review


Disclaimer: Overclocking is never guaranteed so the results may vary depending on certain conditions and hardware configurations. I am not recommending overclocking if you do not know what you are doing. High voltages may damage hardware, and the warranty will not cover it.


The tested CRAS V RGB is another KLEVV memory kit that uses Hynix A-die IC, Richtek PMIC, and high-quality PCB. It’s about everything we need for exceptional overclocking results. Also, this time, we had no problems reaching 8400MT/s.

The settings are not fully tuned, so results could be a bit better, but not so much better, so it would matter during daily usage. I assume that competitive overclockers care for 1% higher memory performance, but gamers would exchange that for improved stability.

Either way, KLEVV CRAS V RGB is the perfect memory kit for demanding overclockers and gamers. Together with AMD and Intel compatibility, this combo promises great fun and exceptional results.


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