GEIL Super Luce RGB DDR4-3600 16GB Memory Kit Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In the past, I’ve encounter a ton problems trying to get the ram to run at speeds above 3200 Mhz+ … even if they were certified to run beyond 3200 MHz+. Firstly, you had to make sure your motherboard can handle higher speed memory. Of course and most importantly, the memory you’ll be installing needs to be compatible with the motherboard itself. It’s still the case now … but a little bit better than before. More often than not, a simple BIOS update will generally fix the memory issues.

Using the EVGA Z370 Micro motherboard and the latest BIOS, I could select the XMP profile and the memory speed, timings and voltages will be all set correctly for me. I never thought at running ram at speeds above 3200 MHz + could be this easy.

The RGB LED strip runs down the entire length of the module making a nice addition to any gaming build. What I like about the GEIL Super Luce RGB memory kit is that fact that it is already Asus Aura Sync ready. In fact, after further checking it is also compatible with Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome. 

With low latency and some tight memory timings of 16-18-18-36, these memory modules produced some really good scores in all of our benchmarks.  

I’ve tried these modules on both Intel and AMD motherboards that support higher speeds of 3600 MHz+ and I didn’t encounter any issues. And that for me is a BIG thumbs up! 

You can buy the GEIL Super Luce RGB DDR4-3000 16GB Memory Kit for around USD $170 –



  • Rated at DDR4-3600 @ 1.35v
  • Memory timings CL16-18-18-36
  • XMP 2.0 ready
  • RGB LED that’s compatible with
    • Asus Aura Sync ready
    • Gigabyte Fusion
    • MSI Mystic Light
    • ASRock Polychrome


  • None I can think of … but check your motherboard compatibility


Final Thoughts

If you already own or plan to build a high-end enthusiast gaming system, it’s now a trend not to run standard spec DDR4-2400, DDR-3000 or even DDR4-3200 ram. If your motherboard supports higher speed ram, then check out these DDR4-3600 16GB memory kits from GEIL. They offer great performance, with XMP profile and low memory timings at a price that’s not too bad either.




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