Kingston Fury Beast RGB 32GB DDR5-6000 Memory Kit Review

Package and its Contents

The Fury Beast DDR5-6000 memory kit package is relatively standard and about the same as for previously reviewed Kingston DDR5 kits. Kingston has been using a similar RAM package for some time also in DDR3 and DDR4 kits. Only the highest series have an additional box, and I think we will see it in the Kingston Fury Renegade kits that will appear on the market later this year.

The package contains two memory modules, a Kingston Fury logo sticker, and a user guide. This is enough to install our brand new RAM.

I assume that most users won’t have problems with a RAM installation. DDR5 modules have a new key, so they can’t be installed in DDR4 slots.

The modules have new heatsinks, but I won’t hide that I have mixed feelings about this design. The most important is that the light bar looks great as the sides will be hidden anyway. Modules have a low-profile design which for some users can be an advantage.

Heatsinks are good enough to keep modules stable during work and also after some overclock. We have to remember that the PMIC and modules together generate more heat than the previous DDR series, so also require a good airflow while overclocking. Modules at higher voltages than standard, shouldn’t be installed in very small and tight computers. The registered maximum temperature during a long high load on the Beast RGB modules was about 65°C. During typical work, it will be about 45°C. Results are close to what we could see on some other DDR5 brands.

DDR5 has apparent advantages like on-die ECC, lower voltage, and higher frequency. Finally, we can see good scaling with a higher memory clock as DDR4 had its limits. It’s clearly seen at DDR5-5600 or higher settings. Intel Alder Lake-S is still not perfect and the performance will be probably significantly better in the next generation of AMD and Intel processors.


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