Kingston FURY Renegade 32GB DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory Kit Review


Performance has been tested on the Intel Rocket Lake platform, including the i7-13700K processor, ASRock Z790 Steel Legend motherboard, Powercolor Red Devil RX6800XT 16GB graphics card, Kingston KC3000 2TB NVMe SSD, and Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero 850W Gold 80+ PSU.

All results were performed on the FURY Renegade 32GB DDR5-6400 memory kit. The results list includes settings at which the tested RAM was stable. Our limit on the ASRock Z790 Steel Legend motherboard was DDR5-6800. At this clock, the FURY Renegade could run at tight timings like CL32-40-40, but required for that about 1.45V. The motherboard couldn’t go any higher, while the RAM obviously has higher overclocking headroom.

Let’s begin the tests.

We could see nearly 100GB/s out of the box at the XMP #1 profile, which is simply great. After overclocking, we could pass 106GB/s at DDR5-6800.

The latency at the XMP #1 and #2 profiles is pretty good, but we can see how far from them is XMP #3. Overclocked settings are always better in latency tests as we can adjust timings which are not always guaranteed to be stable. RAM manufacturers play safe to provide full compatibility with various motherboards.

The difference in synthetic bandwidth and latency tests does not always show the whole story, so let us take a look at other tests.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark shows us differences in popular Microsoft Office. The most significant performance gains can be seen in Excel. It’s also the most demanding if we use various macros and add-ons.

3DMark tests aren’t showing much of a difference in all settings. If we are taking part in competitive overclocking, then it’s notable, in any other case looks close to an error margin.

Rendering benchmarks like Blender show some gains too, but it’s hard to tell if the faster RAM is really so much better, as even DDR5-4800 performs well in these tests.

Final Fantasy XV and Superposition results are also barely different. We can tell that RAM helps, but it’s not something we wish to see pushing our memory kit up to DDR5-6800.

I was expecting more significant gains in modern games, while all we can see is between 0 and 3FPS. Not many games are much more demanding, so we could see better results at very fast RAM.

Kingston Renegade delivers high performance, and even XMP #3 results at DDR5-4800 are quite high in all our tests. The memory kit was fully stable during all tests, and there were no problems with overclocking other than the motherboard limitations. On the next page, I will tell you some more about overclocking.


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