Kingston HyperX Impact 2x4GB DDR3-1600 1.35V Memory Review

Together with new HyperX FURY products, Computex premieres brought us Kingston HyperX Impact SODIMM memory series so the fastest memory available for laptop computers available in speeds from DDR3-1600 up to DDR3-2400 keeping low voltage of 1.35V. Soon we will probably see even higher frequencies.

Today’s review will be based on Kingston HyperX Impact DDR3-1600 CL9 1.35V memory so the most popular clock available for new and slightly older laptops. All who are interested how well does it perform should read our review.

For sure gaming laptop memory is interesting product as not many manufacturers are deciding to release similar memory series.

Let’s see what Kingston has to say about HyperX Impact series.



HyperX® Impact memory boasts the world’s fastest SO-DIMM frequency — 2666MHz — to keep you ahead of the curve and level up your game. It automatically recognizes the platform it’s plugged into and auto overclocks to the highest frequency published (up to 2400MHz) with no need to adjust

system BIOS settings. So you get extreme performance that supports notebooks and other small form factor systems using either AMD or the latest Intel CPU technologies with no hassle at all — even if you’re a newbie.

Impact makes your game hotter while keeping your system cool. It has low voltage settings at 1.35V for less power consumption, reduced heat generation and quiet computing. Its slim, sleek new look lets you stand out in the crowd while the thin thermal label allows for installation in slim or ultra-slim notebooks.

Best of all, HyperX Impact delivers high performance at a low cost. It’s gamer-approved and backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support andlegendary reliability.

HyperX Impact pht8ed

Kingston HyperX Impact 1600 memory will be tested on the Lenovo M490s notebook equiped with low power Intel i3 CPU so quite popular base for most cheaper ultrabooks.



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