Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB DDR4-3000 CL15 Memory Kit Review



HX Savage Spec2


Performance has been tested on already popular platform which contains Intel i7 6700K processor and ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard. All our readers who wish to compare results on their own computers, can make it without any special settings.


HX Savage AIDA64

I will begin from AIDA64 Memory and Cache benchmark which is one of the best applications to measure memory bandwidth.

Intel Skylake memory controller is designed to use higher memory bandwidth and we can clearly see it at higher frequency memory kits. DDR4-3000 is already market standard for gaming and enthusiast grade computers. Tight timings are helping but we can still see quite big difference between DDR4-3000 and 3200+ memory kits. On the other hand we can see even bigger difference between DDR4-3000 and anything at lower frequency.


HX Savage HPI32


Second test is HyperPi 32M which is really popular benchmark and what’s more important, can use fast memory. We can see that with higher memory frequency, time required to finish calculations is shorter. There are not so big differences but we can clearly tell which memory is faster. HyperX Savage is noticable faster than DDR4-2666 memory at standard, more relaxed timings. It also affects access time so general system reaction time.


HX Savage CINE15


Cinebench is showing us performance in rendering operations. In this test all results are similar but higher frequency memory is slightly faster. HyperX Savage performs really good in this test and we haven’t seen any performance drops during rendering what sometimes happens on other memory kits.


HX Savage 3DM13


3DMark is well known 3D benchmark which is showing us performance in games. Because of the nature of the tests we can mainly see memory performance differences in physics calculations. Higher frequency memory kits are slightly faster but there is nothing significant what gamers would see while playing games based on similar engine.

It simply proves that memory speed counts but it’s not affecting games so much so we can save some money buying lower frequency memory but at higher capacity what may help in other applications. DDR4-3000 is probably the best balanced if we compare performance to price so tested HyperX Savage memory looks like a good option for gamers.


HX Savage PCM8


Similar results we can see in other Futuremark benchmark – PCMark 8. This program runs various tests based on popular applications so is showing us results which are closer to daily usage. Looking at the comparison we can barely see any differences. Higher frequency memory is as always a bit faster but once again it doesn’t really matter for end user.


Performance of HyperX Savage DDR4-3000 memory kit is really good. It could be better if Kingston decided to release higher frequency memory kits as right now the highest available speed is the one which you can see in this review so DDR4-3000. It’s not slow. I can even say it’s more than enough for most users. We can see that in our tests where are barely any differences at higher memory frequencies except pure bandwidth benchmarks like AIDA64. It simply means that HyperX Savage DDR4-3000 is well balanced memory and should be fit into best spot between high performance and still reasonable price so best products for gamers.

If you still wish higher performance then take a look at the next page of this review where we will show how HyperX Savage is overclocking.


HyperX Savage 3000 pht4


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