Patriot Viper 4 32GB DDR4-3733 Memory Kit Review

Specifications and Features



As you can see in the specification above, we will test two dual channel kits working in quad channel mode. Memory modules are single rank and are based on Samsung IC. All of them have 8GB capacity.

The same as all Viper 4 memory kits, also here modules are black with red top. Top is also removable if it was interfering with too large CPU cooler. There are no issues on our test platform.


Stability test has been performed in AIDA64 using memory and cache tests. The same test passed over 2.5h test on ASUS and ASRock motherboards. In both cases were no issues with XMP settings or stability. Patriot clearly made some good work programming these profiles as they work on various platforms and all Intel chipsets which are using DDR4 memory.

Tested Patriot Viper 4 memory was designed for Z170 and X99 motherboards as you can see described on the front side of the box. In this review we are using X299 chipset and two dual channel kits working in quad channel mode. Patriot is simply not offering quad channel kits at so high frequency as 1866MHz ( DDR4-3733 ). It doesn’t change fact that memory modules under the same product number are based on the same memory chips and should work fine in quad channel mode. Not all motherboards will work at declared frequency but we were lucky enough to make it work above rated speed on two motherboards based on the X299 chipset.

The Viper 4 modules come in a small box. Inside we can find memory modules and two stickers with the Viper product series logo. There is nothing else inside but it’s not required to use our new memory kit.

The Viper 4 memory is already on the market for some time but highest frequency modules are available for about a year. Under the heatsinks we will find only the best Samsung IC which is the best regarding high frequency and compatibility. Even though this memory series is designed for Intel platforms then mentioned Samsung chips work the best on AMD Ryzen and Threadripper motherboards. This is one more reason why we can be interested in this memory even though of the package is info about the Intel X99 and 100 series chipsets.

Memory looks interesting. There are no additional LEDs or anything else. I see that market is divided to LED/RGB fans and those who clearly dislike everything flashy. Patriot Viper 4 doesn’t look standard but is not too flashy. It also looks great on nearly all motherboards available on the market.

Memory modules are a bit taller than standard DDR4 modules but we can remove red top if they’re too tall and cause any issues with large CPU coolers.

Everything looks great and feels well designed so I guess many users will like Patriot Viper 4. The most important is performance and that’s why most users decide on high frequency memory kits so let’s move to the next page to check how the Viper 4 DDR4-3733 performs on our test platform.


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