Patriot Viper Elite II 32GB DDR4-4000 Memory Kit Review

We recently reviewed the 16GB memory kit from the Viper Elite II series last week. And as promised in the last review, we will present the 32GB version of the memory kit, rated at DDR4-4000. The main difference is that the 32GB kit is based on two 16GB dual-rank modules, so it promises better performance in professional applications and new games. So how it does compare for real? … Well, we will tell you in our performance tests.

Let’s begin with specifications and features that will tell you more about the tested Viper Elite II 32GB DDR4-4000 memory kit.

The Viper Elite II DDR4 memory modules are designed with innovative upgrades to update our current Viper Elite line. The Viper Elite II lineup utilizes a Viper red aluminum heatshield for extreme overall thermal conductivity to ensure optimal performance. The Viper Elite II incorporates DDR4 technology, which is ideal for: gaming, content creation, and productivity applications.

Experience smoother performance thanks to the higher available capacities and clock speeds of our Viper Elite II modules. Our Viper Elite II DDR4 kits are tested thoroughly and validated for enhanced system compatibility. Built for the latest Intel® and AMD™ platforms, the Viper Elite II provides solid performance, reliable stability for the most demanding computer environments, and high-quality assurance. The Viper Elite II DDR4 memory series is also supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Patriot Viper Elite II 32GB DDR4-4000 memory kit for around $165 from Amazon US –

Alternatively, you can also browse more stores on the Patriot’s “where to buy” website.


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