Super Talent Project-X 16GB DDR4-3600 Memory Kit Review

Performance and Overclocking

The Project-X memory has been tested on the Intel Kaby Lake platform which contains i7 7700K processor set to 4.2GHz for comparison purposes and ASUS Maximus IX Apex motherboard which is based on the Intel Z270 chipset. In 3D benchmarks has been used EVGA GTX1080Ti Founders Edition.

Super Talent DDR4-3600 is the highest frequency memory kit which we had a chance to review so it’s clear it will show the best results in our comparison.

Project-X DDR4-3600 is as expected the best in AIDA64 Memory and Cache benchmark. It’s one of the best benchmarks which are showing memory bandwidth but also processor’s cache speed and some more.

Intel Kaby Lake loves high memory frequency what is easy to see in AIDA64 results. There is a huge difference between DDR4-2666 and DDR4-3333+.

HyperPi 32M is also great to compare memory performance. Besides bandwidth, we can also see differences in performance regarding of memory design. Dual rank memory is fast in this benchmark but there are some limits above which dual rank memory won’t work. At the end Samsung based single rank memory kits are showing the best performance at much higher frequency.

Cinebench R15 performs almost the same at lower and higher memory frequency but we can see that in our tests Super Talent memory is the best.

In the Futuremark benchmarks differences between memory kits are even lower. It doesn’t change fact that higher memory frequency is offering a bit higher performance. 3DMark Time Spy runs faster on high frequency memory so the Project-X DDR4-3600 is achieving the best results and so far the best we’ve seen.

In the PCMark 8 we can see about the same story as in 3DMark. Super Talent memory rated at DDR4-3600 is showing once again the best results. Difference is not big but this is how this benchmark reacts on fast memory. Simply it’s not as demanding as we could expect.

I think that soon we will see new version of PCMark and I hope it will react much better on fast memory.

Even though memory performance is not affecting all applications ( because of already high base performance of DDR4 ) then more often new games run faster on high frequency memory. There are not so big differences but couple of FPS here or there may affect gameplay.

If you wish to have the best performing computer then memory like Super Talent Project-X DDR4-3600 will be top pick.


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