Team Xtreem DDR3-2666 C11 8GB Memory Kit Review


DDR3-1600 has become entry level lately. There is faster RAM like DDR3-1866, 2133, 2400 or even more but it’s as popular as DDR3-1600. Most computer users don’t even know what RAM is running in their computers and they won’t bother to mess with it as even lower clocked memory is good enough for almost everything.



Today’s review won’t be about standard memory. It won’t be about something that you can find in regular desktop computers. It will be about Team Xtreem 2666 memory kit, designed for overclockers and extreme enthusiasts who have never too much performance.

team logo

Team Group Inc.

“Team Group Inc. was established in 1997 and mainly produces their own of brand (Team) memory modules, various memory cards and USB Disks. Team Group upholds five major principles: Integrity, professionalism, efficiency, discipline and simplicity, and aims to satisfy clients. Team Group Inc. has professional R&D teams, standardized production process, rigorous quality control and a complete production line, able to provide exclusive designs for clients, and create refined products with unique brand images and characteristics that are custom-made for clients.”


Xtreem 2666 series

“Team Group Inc. has once again led the industry and released the world’s limited dual-channel Xtreem DDR3 2666. Intel’s latest Series Z77 chipsets. As it adopts strictly selected chips from original factories and has to pass through stringent tests and verification procedures, it is able to enhance even further its support capabilities after teaming up with the latest Intel XMP V1.3 version. In addition, it is also collocated with eight-layer PCB in order to increase its stability performance by up to 16GB (4GBx4) large capacity. Its built-in ultra-high clock design is able to allow the computer operation to reach an unimpeded speed.”



I won’t make this introduction much longer, we will move straight to photos and specifications for todays memory kit.



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