Zadak Spark RGB DDR4-4133 Memory Review

Well we have a treat for everyone today. We get to feature a product from a company many of you may not be familiar with: ZADAK! Hit the link and go check what they have to offer. Their product line is small but everything I have browsed through seems to be impressive and if they stand behind their story then I don’t doubt that one bit. Today we will showing you guys their Spark DDR4-4133 RAM! First off WOW that’s top of the line speed, so I am excited to test these! We don’t need a history lesson but RAM at those speeds are meant for one thing and one thing only “GO FAST”. As we know some games that are GPU intensive may not see the benefit of RAM at these speeds but games and programs that rely more on the CPU will definitely see a performance boost. You can assume when you upgrade RAM, say from a 3000MHz speed to a 4133MHz, you can expect a gain in performance of about roughly 10-15% easy. Is it always necessary for these speeds? No, but if the price is right why would you pass it up. Well lets get to it and see what we have on our hands with the ZADAK Spark RGB RAM. Big thanks goes out to ZADAK for sending us these to show you!

Firmly aimed at the high-end PC enthusiasts and gamers market, the SPARK RGB DDR4 brings together powerful memory module, overclocking capability and top-notch design elements to form a valuable addition to the ZADAK DDR4 family that is compatible with high-end motherboards. Overclocking is made simple with XMP 2.0 support allowing users to select their preferred profile for stable and reliable overclocking.

I would like to thank ZADAK for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what ZADAK has to say about themselves on their website:




ZADAK is a high-end custom water-cooled PC brand founded by a group of people of designers, modders, and engineers in the autumn of 2015. Original design, craftsmanship, and beyond the boundary are the core values of ZADAK. We want to create a custom water-cooled computer & case which is sophisticated and elegant, just like an artwork, an enjoyment. We also want to create something that is easy for you to assemble your own fantasy PC. After years of development, tons of experiments and prototypes, ZADAK finally settles on a design that would be the key of why we are able to make the water-cooled computer so compact. ZADAK hopes that you will get as much fun out of building your own fantasy PC as we do.


Think deeply and thoroughly, very focused and efficient. We are capable of assuming all types of possibilities in a short period of time to come up with solutions for the problems, making amendments to make the next time even better.


Not satisfied with the current conditions, firmly believes in that there are no proper answers to every matter, therefore be brave to imagine, and be courageous to fulfill our own dream while not afraid of failing, dare to walk on paths that no one has ever walked on, not fearing unknown matters, and follow the passion to march forward.



We hold many questions and doubts towards the world, and we are happy to search for the answers, understand the formation of all living things. To be more sensitive and cautious when thinking, to explore, challenge, and surmount the mundane restrictions and frames.


here is no footsteps to follow due to original designs, only with in-depth experience towards users’ thoughts and the nature of technology will lead to the sketches of the product, the stringent requirements towards every procedure allows design concepts to be fulfilled within the details.


Strike the balance between aesthetics and performance, sculpturing and polishing with detailed techniques; the persistence towards craftsmanship will never be compromised even if it cannot be mass industrial produced.


Keeping the exhaustive spirit towards everything, propelling the exploration towards all types of possibilities of high-end modding PC, overcoming the conventional frames, and combining imagination with creativity to develop unique performance


OK let’s get down to business and start with the specifications and features of the Zadak Spark RGB.

You can buy the Zadak Spark RGB DDR4-4133 (8GBx2) Memory Kit for around USD $160 from Zadak Direct. In the meantime you can checkout the price of other DDR4-4133 memory kits.


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