CM Storm Devastator Gaming Gear Combo Review


I have used and evaluated the Devastator combo for close to 10 hours. The keyboard has responsive keys and the rubber feel is nice on the finger tips. I used the keyboard to write this entire review with no missed strokes. The height and the angle at which the keyboard sits allows for a comfortable expierence. The scroll lock key controls the LED backlight on/off function. The keyboard by default starts with the LED’s off. With the backlight function off the keys are a little hard to read, but hey this keyboard would make a great tool for someone want to increase their typing skills. The mouse has a flatter palm style. I personally like the curved high palm. While I prefer the latter the Devastator was very easy to adjust to. The rubber feel and responsive clickers made for an easier acclimation to the mouse.

The weight of the mouse is decent and the skids on the bottom glide well at every surface I threw at the Devastator’s way. The laser impressed me. While some mice will sputter out of control on certain surfaces this thing actually tracked on my glass of tea I had near by. The switch between the DPI modes is seamless with no lag and the speed of travel is very noticeable meaning the DPI rate in fact works as intended. For being a basic keyboard you could not ask for much more but if you want to setup dedicated keys for game that must be done with in game software or third party software because no software is included with the Devastator. This keyboard will not blow your mind with fancy functions and software, but will indeed get the job done and look good in the process!



Devastator MB24

  • Membrane design: More durable, longer lasting, and pleasing tactile feedback when compared to regular keyboards
  • Easy-access multimedia shortcut keys: let you instantly adjust music and movies
  • LED back light (Press “SCR LK” to turn backlight on)

Devastator MS2K

  • Ergonomic ultra flat mousebody 1000 – 1600 – 2000 DPI modes
  • Large high-precision mouse wheel
  • Solid rubber side pads for ultimate stability 


There we have it! The Devastator brought to us by CoolerMaster! Let us cover a few final thoughts and conclusion of our review.



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