Cooler Master Havoc Mouse Review

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It seems like these days everyone goes with the mantra, bigger is better. More cores, bigger hard drives, more ram,etc. Cooler Master is taking that path as well with their latest mouse, the Havoc.

More mouse you might be thinking? Yes more DPI that is. Gamers are always wanting mice with a higher and higher DPI, so Cooler Master is here to satisfy those that want it … with a whopping 8200dpi on the Havoc. It’s one of only a few mice that offers this kind of resolution.



Here is just a little bit of information about Cooler Master:

Pursuing excellence in design, quality, and affordability since its inception two decades ago, Cooler Master has fueled growth through product portfolio diversification. This comes from an endless drive to deliver world class quality and service to its customers.


  • Wide-ranging product offerings (Power supplies, enclosures, accessories, peripherals, & cooling products)
  • Innovation driven by cohesive effort between end-user input and R&D
  • World-class regional customer support teams



We’ll be putting the Cooler Master Havoc Mouse through our gaming tests, which includes a host of FPS (first person shooters) as well as some classic SIMS and WoW. Let us go onward and dive into the specifications of this mouse!



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