Cooler Master MM711 RGB Gaming Mouse Review


Conclusion and Verdict

The MM711 will set you back a few more dollars compared to the MM710 but when it comes to adding RGB to anything you can expect to see a small price hike. With that being said the extra you pay for in lighting is totally worth it. The lighting has a nice glow to it and with the software you can customize the MM711 to match you lighting scheme. Everything great about the MM710 was simply passed down to the MM711. Basically Identical other than RGB.

This mouse is extremely light yet I never found it to be too light. I worried about that but I found the mouse felt sturdy and never felt like it was gonna crack under pressure. I was impressed at what little effort I had to put into zippin this thing around my mouse pad. Long story short if you are looking for one of the lightest mice on the market and passed on the MM710 because of no RGB, well all your dreams have come true and you can get the MM711, courtesy of Cooler Master!

Gaming with the MM711 mouse is just as good as a gaming mouse as the MM710 and we get a little extra flare with the sweet looking RGB that flows through the honeycomb structure seamlessly!

The MM711 will be available for $59.99 starting November 29, 2019 at exclusive locations across North America, including Best Buy, Amazon and Micro Center.

The matte black variant will be launched in-stores and online in Walmart on Black Friday for $59.99 in the US.


  • Comfort and Ergonomics
  • Light
  • RGB
  • Software
  • Good polling rate


  • USB cable is very soft and may snag on edges easily


Final thoughts:

The MM711 from Cooler Master is without question an awesome upgrade to an original and that’s something we like to see. Add a few nice features and don’t take away from what made the original great and we will always cheer! Well done Cooler Master!



You can buy the Cooler Master MM711 RGB Gaming Mouse for around USD $59.99 -from Amazon –


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