Sharkoon SKILLER SGK3 White Gaming Keyboard Review

So far at Funky Kit, we’ve reviewed many Sharkoon products including their mice, PC chassis, PSUs, but not their keyboards, so it’s time to take a look. This review will focus on a pretty unique gaming keyboard – the SKILLER SGK3. The tested keyboard is white and, like most gaming products nowadays, fully support RGB backlight and programming functionality. Additionally, the keyboard is white, which is not so common, so it can be even more interesting for all those who like to keep all the devices in a white theme.

Let’s begin with a long list of features and specifications.

With its bright white looks, the SKILLER SGK3 White will have you equipped for all challenges, thanks to its quick-response Kailh switches. The layout is deliberately compact but, at the same time, comprehensive. Therefore, whether the keyboard is being used for gaming or for complex work applications, no compromises will have to be made. Although the white finish of the surface is itself an eye-catcher, this also brings out the RGB lighting to its full. In addition, the downloadable software provides any required fine-tuning.



Reactive Kailh Switches. So that the SKILLER SGK3 White feels as if it’s made just for you, whatever your needs, there is a choice of the most popular switches from Kailh. The red switches are aimed at gamers thanks to their linear characteristic without clicking noises or any tactile bump. Frequent typists and occasional gamers will particularly enjoy the tactile blue or brown switches. With a required operating force of 50 grams, all three types of switches actuate just as quickly after just 1.9 mm.

Colorful Reflections. Thanks to extensive illumination options, either with or without the use of the downloadable gaming software, the SKILLER SGK3 White can be given a very personal touch from a wide variety of lighting effects. A vivid reflection of the chosen colors is also provided by the white surface of the keyboard housing.

Durable PBT Keycap Set. With the included keycap set, the most frequently used keys can be simply highlighted for even better use. Thanks to the double-injection technology and the use of high quality PBT, the keycaps are particularly durable and robust and do not obscure the lighting.

Sturdy Design with 3-Block Layout. In order to fully meet all requirements, from gaming to sophisticated office work, the SKILLER SGK3 has a fully comprehensive 3-block layout. For a long service life, the surface is reinforced with metal.

Full Customization with the Gaming Software. Most of the keyboard’s functions can be used as soon as it is connected for immediate enjoyment and good resource management. However, to get the most out of your SKILLER SGK3 White, you can also use the downloadable gaming software. This allows you to reassign the keys, record and save macros and provides further customization for the keyboard illumination.



You can buy the Sharkoon SKILLER SGK3 Gaming Keyboard for around €69 from Amazon DE –


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