Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero 850W 80+ Gold PSU Review

Sharkoon is well-known for its gaming products and accessories. You will also find power supplies designed for gaming in their catalogue too. We don’t often review power supplies, but most of our readers admit it’s one of the essential components worth investing. This article will focus on the Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero PSU, rated at 850W and has an 80+ Gold certificate that guarantees high efficiency. The PSU name also offers additional features, but you have to read our review to find out how much it has to offer.

Let’s begin with the key features and specifications.

The SilentStorm Cool Zero is a power supply certified with 80 PLUS Gold. It is equipped with modern LLC resonant converter technology and only with quality Japanese capacitors rated to 105°C. The fully modular assembly guarantees a tidy installation and appearance. The optional fan delay mode and Zero RPM mode ensure an optimal and highly adaptable cooling operation depending on the installation position.



Efficient and Safe. The SilentStorm Cool Zero is certified with 80 PLUS Gold, achieving at least 90% efficiency at 50 % load as well as 87 % efficiency at 20 % and 100 % load. In addition, the power supply is equipped with all common safety features to protect against damage: Over current and over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection and over temperature and over power protection are all supported.

Quality Components. The exclusive use of Japanese capacitors rated to 105°C and a 135 mm fan with a fluid dynamic bearing provide a quiet and reliable operation with an average life cycle of over 100,000 hours.

Adjustable Cooling. In the fan delay mode, the power supply fan can, if required, continue to run for 60 seconds after shutdown to ensure a complete cooling of the system. In addition, with the Zero RPM mode, the fan rotation can be stopped at low to moderate loads, thus enabling a noise free operation.

Ultra-Stable Voltage Regulation. With modern LLC resonant converter technology, this power supply unit provides a constant and reliable voltage with minimum noise and heat levels.

Fully Modular and Ready for High-Performance Systems. All the cables of the SilentStorm Cool Zero are modular and can be used according to individual requirements. A handy cable bag is included for cables which are not being used. The two 4+4-pin CPU cables ensure that modern energy hungry systems can also be operated.


You can buy the Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero 850W PSU for around €120 from Amazon DE-


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