ASRock B550M Steel Legend Motherboard Review

Performance – part 2

Storage performance

M.2 performance is as high as we were expecting. In tests was M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD, so we can’t count on anything much above 3.4GB/s, but considering used M.2 SSD, the bandwidth in both sequential and random operations is fantastic.


USB performance

USB 3.2 performance has been tested using Patriot PXD 1TB SSD. Using this SSD, we could achieve nearly the maximum bandwidth of the USB 3.2 port, and it’s one of the best results we’ve seen in our redaction, similar to that of previously reviewed ASRock Z490 PG TB3/ITX motherboard.


Network performance

The B550M Steel Legend offers us Realtek Dragon 2.5Gbit LAN port. Since our test environment is limited to 1Gbps, then we’ve tested the bandwidth using this connection. Below are results between two computers which are in the local network. The maximum bandwidth is a bit lower than that on ASRock Z490 motherboards previously reviewed, but other devices in the network could affect the bandwidth. We can still see above 800Mbps and fully stable connections with a low access time that is essential, especially for gamers.


Let’s move to some 3D benchmarks and games.


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