ASRock B550M Steel Legend Motherboard Review

Performance – part 3

3D performance and games

3D tests were performed on the XFX RX5600XT THICC Ultra III graphics card, so not the fastest but one of the best options for most gamers, especially those with a lower budget as recently graphics cards became really expensive.

All games and benchmarks passed without issues and were providing repeatable results.

Above is a result of the Final Fantasy XV Benchmark, while below, you can take a look at our results in 3DMarks and VRMarks.

All UL benchmarks are showing some excellent scores for our setup. There are no problems with stability or performance.

Worth to mention is the PCIe bandwidth test, which is showing us 26.10GB/s. Clearly, PCIe 4.0 works fine on our motherboard.

Below are some results in Superposition benchmark at high display resolutions and the most popular 1080p at high details. It can’t be any different, so again, some exceptional results.

Since some users have never enough, then on the next page, we will show our overclocking results.


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