ASRock B560 Steel Legend Motherboard Review



Everything slotted-in nicely. I didn’t encounter any issues with installation except the positioning of the M.2 SSD. Check the manual. Because of the limited amount of PCE 4.0 lanes of the B560 chipset, you may need to figure out the right position/combination when mounting 2 or more M.2 SSDs, especially when you already have a PCIE 4.0 graphics installed.




At the time of testing we used BIOS version 1.21. There’s a new BIOS available which you can download from ASRock’s website, which will support all the latest 11th Gen processors. I like the ‘Easy Mode’ which shows current motherboard and CPU settings including temperatures, voltages, fan speeds and memory speeds.

And of course, if you want more options you can select the ‘Advance Mode’, which will allow you to adjust a variety of settings including CPU ratios, memory speeds, voltages and more. The B560 chipset seem to allow memory overclocking and higher XMP memory profiles. I was able to overclock our memory and run it at DDR4-4000 speeds.

For CPU overclocking … it would only allow me to push it up to the x49 multiplier and no further, which is disappointing, But mind you, if you really want overclocking you should choose a Z590 motherboard instead.


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