BIOSTAR B550M-Silver Gaming Motherboard Review

BIOS/UEFI and Software

Biostar BIOS/UEFI is similar to other gaming series motherboards, so everything is clear and easily accessible.

The motherboard has easy and advanced modes, so if you don’t feel good in various motherboard settings, just stay on the main, easy page. Those who want to play with additional settings can dig deeper into the tweaking settings.

Let’s take a look at BIOS/UEFI and available options.


Main – Advanced Mode












Save & Exit

In the BIOS/UEFI, we can find everything required for monitoring and overclocking. There are also additional tabs with more advanced settings that enthusiasts and overclockers can use for additional performance gain. All other users can configure additional devices or functionality like RAID modes. There is simply everything you may need, and there is even too much for most users.




Biostar gives us a full set of software that can be used to personalize the PC by editing the welcome screen or managing the RGB illumination and monitoring its parameters, overclocking, or updating BIOS. The most interesting is the Racing software which you can see below.

Now it’s time for some tests, so we move to the next page.


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