BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard Review

Thanks to BIOSTAR, we’ll be taking a quick look at the their Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard. It features Intel’s Z270 chipset and supports all 6th/7th generation Intel Core processors (LGA 1151). It also comes with a wealth of features including Intel Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0 (Type-A and C), DVI-out, HDMI-Out, solid caps, carbon fiber heatsink, RGB LED headers, dual BIOS, diagnostic LEDs, U.2 and M.2 connectors, as well as M2. cooling.

Before I go further in to the review, I just was to share my past experience with BIOSTAR.



BIOSTAR has been around for as long as I can remember. Their history span over 30 years, making mostly OEM boards and on occasion, some consumer products. They aren’t as famous as Asus, MSI or Gigabyte, but they do have a lot experience in manufacturing affordable motherboards for the masses. Honestly speaking, BIOSTAR aren’t usually the first choice for the extreme enthusiasts or hardcore gamer … however, for the past 18 months all that has change. Just look at the amazing feature set on the BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard and you’ll see what I mean. This is no budget board.


Here’s a little blurb about BIOSTAR taken from their website …

In 1980,the IT industry was growing at a phenomenal rate. With wide experience in buying and selling electronic parts as well as researching on future demands for mainboards and add-on cards , the founder of BIOSTAR GROUP,established BIOSTAR MICROTECH INTERNATIONAL CORP in 1986.

In the early years, BIOSTAR concentrated on the manufacture of mainboards built for XT form factor. To maintain steady business growth, BIOSTAR managed to keep a large portion of its capital and manpower invested on the design and development of new products, which at the same time has enabled it to stay competitive in the rapid evolution of the computer industry.


BIOSTAR has enriched its competence in the design and manufacture of products such as add-on cards, multi-media and system products to develop the market and meet the demands of customers for more integrated solutions. In order to expand its capacity to meet customer demand globally, BIOSTAR was the first to establish a manufacturing facility in China in 1990. In 1998, its sales revenues exceeded US$130 million and it ranked 227th among the top 1000 enterprises in Taiwan. Furthermore,BIOSTAR obtained an ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and became a publicly listed company in the same year. BIOSTAR’s future has limitless possibilities.


We’ll be testing the BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard along with an Intel Core i5-7600K (Kaby Lake) at default clock speed of 3.8GHz (turbo boost 4.2GHz), as well as 8GB of G.Skill Trident-Z DDR4-3200 ram in dual channel mode. I’m hoping to see some decent performance from this motherboard. I wonder how it will compare against the Asus Maximus IX Hero or the Gigabyte Z270X Ultra gaming.

Ok let’s not waste any more time just straight in to the specifications of the BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard on our next page.

Buy the BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT6 Motherboard from Amazon for USD $207.00 or via Newegg for only USD $155 !


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