SuperMicro C7B360-CB-MW Intel Coffee Lake Motherboard Review

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SuperO C7B360-CB-MW arrived in a retail package. It’s not much different than we are used to see in other SuperO motherboards. The box is whole black what gives it high-end look. It’s also not so large but the motherboard is in micro ATX format so it doesn’t really need anything larger.

Inside the package we will find well protected motherboard and couple of other things that make installation easier like user’s manual, SATA cables, IO shield, driver’s DVD and WiFi antenna.

The same as all other Supermicro motherboards, this one is also well desinged, even though is based on cheaper chipset series. It simply says that no matter if it’s less or more expensive SuperO motherboard, it will keep high quality level.

4+2 power design is more than enough for this motherboard, especially that Intel disabled overclocking in the B360 chipset. There were no issues during all tests with the i5-8600K processor under full load. Competitive brands are often not using any cooling on the power section while the C7B360-CB-MW has quite large heatsink.

The only PCIe x16 3.0 slot has “metal armor” which is making it stronger if we wish to use large and heavy graphics cards. Personally I’ve never had issues with heavy graphics cards but it’s good to have additional protection rather than damage the motherboard.

There are also three PCIe x1 3.0 slots if we wish to use additional cards. From personal experience I can say that barely anyone is using additional cards when on-board are well performing network and audio chips.

The C7B360-CB-MW has also Intel WiFi what makes this motherboard an interesting option as not many cheaper motherboards have it feature.

SuperO C7B360-CB-MW also supports everything else what is delivering the B360 chipset like six SATA 3.0 ports, RAID, PCIe M.2 socket and many others. Most of these things will be tested on the next pages of this review.


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