SuperMicro C7B360-CB-MW Intel Coffee Lake Motherboard Review

Performance: Part 2

On most motherboards, results using Crucial BX300 SSD are a bit worse then I can say that SATA performance on the C7B360-CB-MW is really good. Results are also repetable.

Also results in USB 3.0/3.1 tests are great. Our drive can barely ever reach 430MB/s read while here it passed it a bit.

WiFi tests were performed in local network and base on data transfer from and to a network drive.

Results are also good and repetable. We couldn’t reach maximum theoretical values but it’s not really possible. It doesn’t change fact that WiFi signal was really good and were no issues during tests.

At the end Futuremark benchmarks ( soon UL ). We will focus on Fire Strike and VRMark series which are showing expected performance in games.


In 3D tests the C7B360-CB-MW was performing well and results were as high as expected ( again ). It simply proves there are no issues with the motherboard and it handles everything as well as we wish to.

SuperO C7B360-CB-MW is really interesting option for all who are looking for inexpensive gaming ( and not only ) motherboard. Performance is great ( considering B360 chipset ) and if you don’t need overclocking then it will be hard to beat the value of the C7B360-CB-MW.


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