Supermicro C9X299-PG300 Motherboard Review

Performance: Part 1

The performance was tested on the i9-7900X processor, 32GB and 64GB quad channel memory kits and EVGA GTX1080Ti graphics card. For storage, tests were used three drives, HyperX Savage 240GB SATA SSD, Patriot Hellfire 240GB NVMe SSD and Lexar DD512 Professional USB 3.0.

There were no problems during tests, no thermal or power throttling and no stability issues.

Performance in rendering is about as high as on the best Intel X299 motherboards that we were testing. As you see in the screenshot, the motherboard was keeping the quite low voltage of 1.12V. Actually, there are two turbo modes on this motherboard. One is typical turbo and another one is efficiency turbo mode. The difference is in average power consumption and generated heat while performance is not much different under typical load. When CPU is under full load then both modes offer the same maximum performance.

The 7-Zip benchmark is also showing high performance. Here except CPU performance also memory and cache highly affect calculation time.

In PCMark 10 scores are as expected, at a high level.

Also, memory and cache performance is as high as expected. Recently we had a chance to test a couple of motherboards based on the X299 chipset and the best results were close to what we see on the C9X299-PG300. Result in AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark was made on Ballistix Elite 4x16GB DDR4-3000 memory kit. As you can see there were no issues with XMP profile. Also, other memory kits were working without issues. I can only add to the list Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3733 or Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4-2666.

Below are two new benchmarks from AIDA64 – Ray-Trace. There is also AES benchmark. The C9X299-PG300 performs well in all these tests.

Let’s move to the next page to take a look at storage and 3D tests.


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