Supermicro C9X299-PG300 Motherboard Review

Performance: Part 2

SATA performance is again close to what we’ve seen on other good motherboards based on the X299 chipset. All these motherboards are using Intel controller so it’s clear that results should be similar. On the other hand, there are sometimes differences so at least if motherboard manufacturer made everything right then results will be close to what we see in the screenshots below.

Nearly 566MB/s on HyperX Savage 240GB SATA SSD is one of the best results we’ve seen. A bit worse it looks on the NVMe drive but also close to the top scores.

No surprise in USB 3.0/3.1 performance. All tested motherboards on the X299 chipset could make about 406MB/s. Some a bit more, some a bit less so I guess it’s a solid result.

I’m glad to say that again and I fell like I’m repeating myself too much. The C9X299-PG300 shows great scores in Futuremark/UL benchmarks like 3DMark or VRMark.

Both 3D benchmarks are using multithreading and are quite demanding so any weakness can make these tests fail. During multiple runs, there were no issues and results are one of the best we’ve seen.

SuperO C9X299-PG300 is well-performing motherboard as you can see on the attached screenshots from various benchmarks. Difference between motherboards on the same chipset is not really significant as long as manufacturer prepared motherboard right. In this case, we can confirm that performance is as high as expected so simply great. On the other hand, there is no other option as this platform is quite expensive and potential users expect only the best products.


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