SUPERO Pro Gaming C9Z490-PGW Motherboard Review

With the premiere of the latest Intel platform, we will be taking a look at the SuperO Pro Gaming C9Z490-PGW, SUPERO’s first motherboard based on Intel’s Z490 chipset, which we have the pleasure to review, thanks to Supermicro.

Supermicro is renowned for making excellent server products, and with this wealth of experience in the server market, they launched the SuperO brand a few years ago. SuperO products are aimed at the consumer market, catering for both enthusiasts and gamers. They offer a whole new range of high-quality gaming products that are designed to be fast, reliable, and provide unique features that are sometimes, only available on server motherboards.

I’m sure the SuperO Pro GamingC9Z490-PGW is an interesting motherboard, but if you want to find out how much does it have to offer, you have to stay with us.


Ultimate High-end Desktop Board

The SUPERO Pro Gaming series blows gamer’s expectations out of the water with top tier performance and a range of features that will get you to a higher level than ever before. Our C9Z490-PGW motherboard is fully loaded with our latest SUPERO Booster overclocking software, multiple high-speed storage options including M.2, and the fastest wired and wireless networking technologies. If you are looking for the best high-end desktop motherboard, go with SUPERO C9Z490-PGW.

Server Quality

Infused with server DNA, SUPERO motherboards offer unmatched reliability and durability paired with premium gaming features. Top-shelf components optimize efficiency and improve thermal performance, enabling SUPERO motherboards to survive in treacherous environments where others have perished. As the backbone of your system, SUPERO motherboards offer the latest and greatest hardware-implemented through world-class engineering, providing the quality you deserve with the features you desire.

Intel® 10th Gen Ready!

The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs are here! Are you ready to take on every task, whether it is gaming, VR, or product design? The computing power of the 10 Cores- Intel® 10th Gen Core™ CPU is so powerful that it screams for more challenges!

Enterprise Grade – VRM

Enterprise Grade means a longer lifetime of cooler functionality, higher efficiency, and the ability to scale up to meet the needs of your business. Our integrated VRMs typically used on workstation products are now on the C9Z490-PGW motherboard, which will ensure you have the best experience possible.



Our slots are fortified with reinforced metal that significantly improves the connection between our SuperO motherboards and your peripherals.


Quad PCIe x16 slots

Maximizes your GPU power! With the power of up to 4 full-length, double-width graphics cards coupled with the bandwidth of the embedded PLX chip, you’ll get the most immersive gaming experience out there! Supporting DirectX12 and CrossFireX™ you’ll be blasting through every 2D, 3D animation, and VR adventure on the market! Our solutions also offer the stability needed for enterprise application such as High-Frequency Trading, and AI/Inference initiations.

Lightning Fast Storage

Push for the highest performance! We include the latest NVME storage options, two M.2 slots ports on the C9Z490-PGW motherboard. We offer RAID 0 or 1 with the inclusion of supporting Intel® Optane™ memory, giving you even more flexibility within your system. We also include heatspreaders for both the M.2 slots to keep your drives cooler without compromising your performance.

Always Connected! – 10G + Wi-Fi 6

10G + Wi-Fi 6! When you are on the road or on the move our SUPERO motherboards will have the best network connectivity options. The C9Z490-PGW motherboard is equipped with gigabit LAN, 3X speed ~ 1.7 gigabit/sec wireless transmission, and 10G LAN (which is 10x the maximum data throughput of single gigabit)!

Dual 4K 60Hz Displays

DisplayPort + HDMI 2.0a equals dual 4K Displays! SUPERO made sure that anyone who is running our C9Z490-PGW motherboard will have the latest DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0a technologies built directly into the I/O. This combination will give you up to two simultaneous ultra-high definition displays without having to opt for a separate graphics card!

Double the bandwidth

Pumping out at a maximum of 20 Gb/s throughput, the C9Z490-PGW comes with the latest USB standard, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 in Type C port for future-proof connectivity.

SUPERO Booster

Sit in the driver’s seat to monitor, tweak, and fine tune every part of your system! You have the ability to overclock and adjust the CPU, memory speeds, voltages, and fan speeds on the fly. The SUPERO Booster gives you the ability to control your destiny and succeed.


So what can we expect from Intel’s Z490 chipset and their latest 10th gen processor? Well, you’ll have to continue reading to find out more.


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