SUPERO Pro Gaming C9Z490-PGW Motherboard Review

BIOS/UEFI and SuperO Booster

BIOS/UEFI is a mix of well-known settings and options which we can find mostly on more advanced server motherboards. Actually, we won’t find so many options on most server motherboards. It works both ways. Enthusiasts and overclockers will find it really interesting as there are various options to tune the PC. On the other hand, less advanced users may feel lost as there are simply a lot of options, and some are pretty advanced.

To less advanced users or simply those who want to plug and play easily, I recommend EZ Mode. It’s the starting window of the BIOS/UEFI. We can find here everything to run our PC, set basic options, and enable XMP.


Main / EZ Mode

All who are expecting more should check advanced mode for many more settings.


Main / Advanced Mode

Below are all the available tabs.






H/W Monitor




Save & Exit


BIOS Update

Presented screenshots were taken from 1.0a BIOS/UEFI. Even though the BIOS/UEFI is stable and all tested by us settings work fine, then the SuperO tech team is working on improvements, so I guess we will be able to see them soon.


SuperO Booster

SuperO Booster is a software that makes everything easier as we can enter the BIOS/UEFI to check or set everything, but if we can do that from Windows, then why should we restart our PC each time we want to set anything? SuperO Booster is also able to auto-overclock the CPU or update BIOS/UEFI. Especially fan profile management is handy. I guess that everyone will find something useful here. Below are screenshots with available options.

The latest version of the SuperO Booster looks somehow better than the last one. Everything is clear and easy to understand. It’s simply a good move.

On the first tab, there is an option to overclock the CPU automatically. We were able to reach 5.5GHz, so as long as there is a proper cooling, then we can count that the motherboard can handle such a high frequency.


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