Enermax Revolution SFX 650W PSU Review


The Revolution SFX has really good specification for so small PSU. There is single +12V line what is the best choice for new computers and high-end graphics cards. Also +12V line is strong and rated to deliver up to 648W. It’s enough for even the strongest setup with single graphics card and I can tell you that as measured peak wattage on overclocked and fully loaded Intel i9-7900X with GTX1080Ti graphics card is about 610W.

We will test the Revolution SFX PSU in a bit different environment but about that I will say on the next page of this review.

Let’s take a look at the package and its contents.

Box is rather small but includes a power supply, modular cables, users manual, screws, a power cord, SFX to ATX adapter and a free gift – bluetooth speaker.

There is everything we need to install the PSU but there could be additional set of screws as there are only three small screws for the SFX-to-ATX bracket. If we use them then we will still need four more to install the PSU in the PC case.

The PSU itself is really small but it has some weight.

Exterior is whole black with white branding logotypes. Also all modular cables are black what makes a nice set which should match most high-end computers.

Since I mentioned cables then here is list of what we get.

It’s even more than we will need in a modern high-end gaming computer. Available cables are letting us to connect six SATA devices and four devices via four-pin molex.

I don’t think that anyone who decides on SFX PSU will use more than three drives but it’s always better to have more. Personally I’m using no more than two drives. Here is why modular cables are so great. You can connect only what you really need and additional cables are not taking space in the case. It’s important especially when you have small case like mini ITX or micro ATX.

In the package was also a free gift – Bluetooth speaker. Here is how it looks like.

I’m not really using devices like that but it’s pretty nice gift and quite original.

I’ve already mentioned ATX to SFX bracket which is great addition. It’s really hard to buy separately while Enermax is adding it to the package with the PSU.

Below is a photo of the bracket and how PSU looks like installed in the PC case.

On the next page we will take a closer look at the PSU and its performance.


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