Enermax Revolution SFX 650W PSU Review

Closer Look and Performance

Just after opening the PSU we can see a sleeve bearing fan which doesn’t look any unusual.

The Revolution SFX has one 80mm fan which is in semi-fanless mode. Up to 30% load, fan is not spinning while above that all depends on load. PSU runs really quiet even at high load.

Manufacturer of the fan is Yate Loon and it’s specified to spin up to 2600 RPM with maximum generated noise of 34dB. Since fan’s speed depends on load then it will probably never run at its maximum values.

Going deeper we can see how tight are all components installed. It’s really amazing how all these components fit in so small space.

OEM of the PSU is CWT which is known of high quality. Also Revo SFX PSU is well built. Soldering is really good, all components are protected and fan is cooling all what is required.

In the center we can see fan controller on a separated PCB. On this board are also VRM of one of the rails, looks like lower load one. On the other boards are main rail VRMs.

Most capacitors were made in Japan ( Chemi-Con ). Some are from other sources but also good quality. We can be sure of high stability and durability with these caps.

Additional shots from different angle which are showing the minor rail VRM board and controller on the back.

Now couple of words about test platform and the Revo SFX performance.

Tests were performed on the Intel Skylake-X platform which contains the i9-7900X CPU and ASUS X299 TUF Mk.2 motherboard. It’s not a typical setup for SFX PSU but is really demanding so is perfect for our tests. There are two stages. One is outside the PC case and the other one is in closed case to show differences because of higher temperature.

Voltage stability is amazing. Values are nearly the same regardless if PSU is loaded to the max or is under light load. Efficiency of this unit is also great and easily meets 80 PLUS Gold certification.

In a small case with limited airflow we can expect to hear the fan faster but it’s still not loud even when PSU is under full load. Up to at least 60% load we shouldn’t hear the fan at all. Passive mode is up to 30% load so if you are not playing games on a high performance graphics card then fan shouldn’t even spin.


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