MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 Power Supply Review (with 16-PIN 12VHPWR Connector)



The power supply is nicely packaged and comes with a pouch for all the flat modular cables, including of course the 2 x PCIe 5.0 cable featuring the new 16-pin connectors.


The Cables

As you can see below, you get the full set of cables which includes 1 x Molex, 3 x SATA, 1 x 24-pin ATX power for the motherboard, 2 x 8-pin CPU and 1 x 8-pin PCIE cables for graphics cards. And finally, 2 new PCIe 5.0 cable featuring the new 16-pin connectors for next-gen graphics cards (600W).


A Closer Look

The PSU has a solid construction and has fan grilles for cooling on the top (main ARGB fan), sides and rear. The power supply is fully modular. with 6 x 8-pin PCIE connectors for motherboard and graphics card, and 4 x 6-pin power connectors for SATA power and 4-pin Molex.

It also comes with a ARGB sync header that allows you to connect the 3-pin cable to the motherboard to give you that full ARGB control.

Other features include ‘Mode’ and ‘ Color’ buttons, which as the name suggests, allows you change the modes and colors of the RGB 140mm fan. Next to the mains power switch, you’ll find the Smart Zero fan on/off switch, which when enabled, pauses the fan to allow users to run the PSU is super slient mode. When the PSU detects heavy load … the fan will automatic turn on and continue to spin.





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