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MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 Power Supply Review (with 16-PIN 12VHPWR Connector)

Performance and Testing

As you know, I do not have the specialized equipment for PSU testing (which costs thousands of dollars). So the best way I could do test the PSU is by using what we’ve got. My testing method involves comparing the voltage and power consumption reading during idle and at full load. I know it’s not the most accurate method technically, but I think this simple method should provide some ideas of the performance of the power supply in terms of stability and power consumption.


Efficiency Requirements for 80Plus Certification


The main thing to watch out for, is the fluctuation on the +12V line. If the +12V line drops to below 12V during full load or large fluctuations in the V readings … then we’re in trouble. The system may unstable and you might also get random reboots.

We used AIDA64 and simultaneously ran both CPU and GPU stress test which produces 100% load. We then checked the voltage readings on AIDA64. Oddly, the readings for +12V was recorded at +11.98V, while the +5V was at +4.98V



Voltage readings taken from ADIA64 at idle

  • +12V : 11.904V
  • +5V : 4.98V 
  • +3V : 3.280V



Voltage readings taken from ADIA64 under load

  • +12V : 11.904V (0 change)
  • +5V : 4.960V (-0.02V)
  • +3V : 3.280V (0 change)


At full load for both CPU and GPU, the system is drawing a decent amount of power. As you can see the power consumption for the CPU is around 221.93W, while the GPU uses around 231W of power. Both the +12V and +3V did not drop at all. While the +5V dropped ever so slightly from 4.98V to 4.96V


During full load tests, the MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply held steady at 11.980V with no fluctuations at all. It’s a very solid power supply.

Now lets move on to the Conclusion and Verdict!


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