Philips TAST702BK ActionFit Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Conclusion and Verdict

The Philips ActionFit Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have a lot to offer. Everything from Being waterproof to having UV clean technology. With all these great features you should expect to have to invest a little bit of money. With the sticker price of 179 you will have to open up the piggy bank. Lets remind our selves what we are getting with this investment. UV sanitizing, now you will not need to worry about your earbud breeding any harmful bacteria.

Waterproof, great feature for those intense workout sessions. 3 sizes of eartips, great for getting that perfect fit for the most comfortability an maximize the sound potential. Other benefits includes a charging case that recharges the earbuds about three times before needing to recharge the case itself, allowing for 18 +- hours of playtime. These are all great and must haves for any set of earbuds that you want to have seamless operation and ease of use. 

The sound quality is great. The bass is very present and had a deep rich sound. The overall sound experience is above par and you will not be disappointed. The mic with the echo cancellation work as well as you would expect. These will work just fine as long as you aren’t expecting to be flying around on an 4 wheeler and chatting with your buddy. Yes I tried and that’s just to much background noise for any earbud I have reviewed in the past.

The fit is great as long as you get the right eartip. What great that if you have a set of ear tip you have on another set of earbuds don’t worry about having to give them up. That is because they will easily go on these as they are constructed where they will slip right on no problem.

You can buy the Philips TAST702BK ActionFit Wireless Bluetooth Earbud for around USD $165 from Amazon –



  • UV Cleaning
  • Decent Sound
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • Battery Capacity
  • Easy to Pair
  • Call quality is decent


  • None


Final thoughts:

The Philips ActionFit Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are a high quality set of earbuds. They have every feature you could want in any set of earbuds. The UV clean technology is new and a welcome feature for something we may overlook needing that level of cleaning.



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