Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Gaming Headset Review



The design of the Kraken is very sleek. Most of the frame is matte-black metal and the cushions over your ears are big and extremely comfortable. On each side of the cups there is a Razer logo which can be controlled using the  Razer Synapse software and you can have all your Razer equipment match colors, making your entire setup look beautifull.

On the left cup you have a retractable mic that almost disappears into the cup when you’re not using it, further adding to the sleek overall look.

One thing I found myself missing was the ability to adjust the volume straight on the cup. I’m used to quickly changing my volume when I know there are enemies close by to further improve my ability to locate where their steps are coming from.


Initial setup

Setting up the Kraken is a but more than just plug-and-play if you want to take full advantage of the 7.1 surround. You can of course just plug it in to your computer and run any game you’d like, but for the true “Razer cult” experience you’ll want to download Razer Synapse and set up the surround to your personal liking.

Synapse is also where you can find all the stuff you need to fine-tune the headset, either by just clicking the box that gives a boost in Bass or going deep and adjust the equalizer just the way you want it.



If you’ve read my other reviews you know by now that I’m used to the most premium headsets out there so I demand a lot when it comes to a wired headset in this price range. The Kraken does however meet my expectations without leaving me wishing for anything when it comes to sound quality. With a frequency range of 12Hz – 28kHz they deliver great lows, mids and highs both when it comes to music and games.

As always, if you plan to listen to music, or want to get the best positional audio for fast paced FPS games like CS:GO you’ll want to turn off the virtual surround. But if you’re about to start a new career in Project Cars 2 and you want to really feel that engine roar and hear the tires scream as you hit a hard corner the 7.1 surround sound that these headphones deliver is absolutely stunning.

The only thing I thought was missing was some true gaming presets, which I think is weird that it’s missing since Razer are a gaming company to the core…



Since I live in the average apartment and not on a stage with 20 000 screaming fans around me I didn’t really have the chance to truly test the Active noise-cancelling that Razer promises. But for the 99.9% of gamers who are going to buy this headset the mic will work wonders. my teammates heard me loud and clear and thanks to it being retractable it’s easy to tuck it away when you’re in for some solo adventures.



I was a bit skeptical when it came down comfort seeing as the Kraken sits pretty tight around your ears and I have to use glasses when I game. This was never a problem however, because even after really long sessions (8+ hours) there was no pain what so ever. This is thanks to the fact that Razer has “Special in-mold channels have been designed into the ear cushions enabling specs-wearing gamers to wear the headset free of strain” and even though that sounds a bit too good to be true, it actually worked wonders.

Seeing as the Kraken only weighs 346g, neck fatigue never became an issue either and I never had to take my headphones off to loosen my neck from the extra load.




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