Top 5 Speaker/Headphones Countdown

Today we are doing something a little different, I will be counting down my top 5 speakers/headphones that I’ve personally tested here on Funky kit.

So let’s get started!


#5 Sbode M350 Wireless Bluetooth

Even though this speaker is the lowest on my list it certainly isn’t a bad speaker.

Some strengths from this speaker are the great build quality and impressive waterproofing but as stated in the official review for a bass fan like me the fact that there’s almost no bass left me feeling less than enthusiastic when scoring it.


Check out the official review here where I gave it a 4/5.


#4 Tribit XFree Move Bluetooth Headset


When you consider the price tag of $30 these are some great headphones but when compared to some of the more premium headphones that have been tested a few faults are apparent. The main issue I found was the build quality, overall it doesn’t feel super cheap but the exposed wires and fairly flimsy headband don’t give me too much confidence that these will last for a super long time.

But build quality aside these headphones sound well above what I expected for something at this price point.

Check out the official review here where I rated it 4.5/5


#3 iDeaPlay V207 ANC Bluetooth Headphone

Coming in at $79 these headphones aren’t a great value but the inclusion of noise canceling as well as some impressive sound quality and build quality I still enjoyed using these headphones and ended up recommending them overall.

There were a couple of technical issues like the noise canceling not working while charging and a high-pitched noise when the noise canceling is off that kept these from being 5/5 but overall they are some great headphones.

Check out the official review here where I gave it a 4/5.


#2 Tribit XSound Go

This speaker was one of the first speakers I reviewed and it still manages to impress me today.

Coming in at $39 these speakers sounded way above what I expected. This speaker also has some impressive build quality and water resistance that is normally only found on higher end speakers.

Overall I really love this speaker and continue to use it daily as a replacement for my TVs built-in speakers.

Check out the official review here where I highly recommended this speaker for anyone looking for an amazing bang for the buck speaker with a sound profile in a way higher class than the price.


#1 Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth Speaker

And finally, my favorite speaker is the X-Boom by Tribit.

This speaker packs a serious punch with 2 dedicated subwoofers and a bass boost button this thing can put out way more sound than the size would lead you to believe.

Some other high points are the great build quality and water resistance as well as great overall sound quality.

This is another daily use speaker hooked up to my TV and acting as a subwoofer to help boost bass in movies and video games.

While this speaker isn’t exactly cheap coming in at $69 I feel like it’s well worth the money if you need a cheaper but still great speaker be sure to check out our #2 spot.


Check out the official review here where one of our other reviewers highly recommended it, while I didn’t personally write the review due to two speakers be sent by Tribit I fully agree with the review and highly recommend this speaker myself.


Final Thoughts

Well, that’s our list! There honestly weren’t any bad products on this list and I feel that each item has its own strengths there are definitely some items that I prefer others.

What’s your favorite speaker and why? Let us know by leaving a comment below and be sure to keep it here for all things tech!


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