Tribit Flybuds Wireless Earbuds Review

Closer Look

Keep the Music in and the Sweat Out

Even the craziest workout won’t hurt your Tribit water resistant wireless earbuds, which have been extensively tested with the most rigorous workout routines to repel sweat and moisture. Thanks to the protection material IPX5 rating, these buds are ideal for sweating it out at the gym and any elements thrown your way.


Quality Craftmanship and Materials – Bluetooth 5.0 & FPC antenna

You want to get paired fast, and now you can! Speedy Bluetooth 5.0 technology powers these Tribit FlyBuds wireless earbuds bluetooth 5.0, whose FPC antennaes have a range of up to 33 feet. Say goodbye to fade in and out problem. Now that’s versatile listening!


Low-Profile, Modern Design

You won’t feel or notice these lightweight wireless earbuds, so you can go through your day with the best in portability and style. From backpack to back pocket, charge, listen and enjoy!


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