Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless ANC Earbuds Review

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360 ° Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (Up to 35 dB)

Tronsmart Apollo Bold is equipped with hybrid active noise cancelling (Feedforward + Feedback ANC) technology together with 6 mics so that it can cancel the noise from every corner. Besides, it can cancel noise up to 35dB from full frequency while most earbuds can only reduce noise up to 25-28dB.


Qualcomm Flagship Chip

The Tronsmart Apollo Bold headphones adopts Qualcomm’s QCC5124 flagship chip, which has not been used in any other products. This chip supports active noise reduction and Bluetooth signal processing, so that these two functions can achieve the best effect without any interference.

Other active noise canceling headphones on the market require two chips to support these two functions.


TWS + Technology, No Delay

Our Apollo Bold adopts TrueWireless Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology to ensure that the left and right headphones receive Bluetooth signals at the same time.

Most TWS headphones(including AirPods Pro) adopts true wireless stereo technology, the main earphone first receives the signal and then transmits the signal to another earphone, so there will be a delay.

*TrueWireless Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology only for those compatible devices.

IP45 Waterproof

With IP45 dust and water resistance, Apollo Bold can resist liquids such as rain, sweat and water. They’re perfect for training, running, and exercising, and they let you enjoy music anywhere anytime.


Ultra Comfortable Design and Never Fall Out

The three-point structure for stability and ergonomic design for ultra comfort. The 3 options of ear tips ensure you get your suitable sizes and that it is not easy to fall out of the ears.

Pay attention to, if the headphones don’t fit well in your ears, please adjust the headphones to a proper position.


6 Microphones and Environmental Noise Cancelling Technology (ENC)

Apollo Bold are equipped with 6 microphones, of which 4 microphones are responsible for eliminating other sound interference, and the other pair of microphones combine to clearly capture the user’s voice.

With ENC technology, whether you’re in a noisy supermarket or on an airplane, Apollo Bold make your voice come out of the noisy environment. Not only does he receive a clear voice, but the other party on the call hears his voice very clearly.

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