Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless ANC Earbuds Review


Conclusion and Verdict

Well just as I suspected, just from the spec sheet alone, these earbuds are fantastic. I opened up the package and paired them and in the matter of 3 minutes I was streaming my favorite songs. From the first song to last one I was excited to hear the sound from the next one every time. The sound profile from these earbuds are, how can I put this?, absolutely what I am looking for from earbuds. The sound was loaded with bass and the highs blended very nice. The sound was very wide and expansive. The ANC function provides an level of ambient muting that make the listening experience even more enjoyable. I have noticed that this function can hinder the sound on some devices but not these I felt like the sound was even better. The connection was great never had one cut out or interruption even when I was moving around or covering the devices with my hands.

The connection was great. The area that provides the touch controls is large and flat and I was able to grab the earbuds and pull them out of my ear with out activating any of the functions. Which was nice because I have had several earbuds in the past that were hard to take out of you ears with out activating one of the functions. If I had one complaint about the functions. It would be turning the devices off. I have found no way of turning them off unless you put them back in the case (after initial use). I will update this review if I find a way to power these down outside of the case. The battery life exceeded the manufactures claim and while I honestly didn’t listen to the music the whole time. That would have been brutal on the ears. I started a playlist and came back 10 hours later and checked the battery level and still had 35% left. So their 7 hour playtime was achieved no problem at 50% volume level (ANC on).  Lastly, lets cover the call quality real quick. I had no complaints from the other end while using these earbuds. I was told the sound is great on my end every time I asked, “Hey how does the connection sound on your end?” No complaints from the call quality!

Another extremely important aspect of any earbud, the fit. How do these fit you ask. We get three sizes of tips so you can customize the fit to better fit your ear canal. These earbuds are a little larger, probably due to the large drivers, but the fit was snug and secure. I popped them and and gave them a little twist until I got a nice sealed fit in my ear. Giving them a little twist is important to find that perfect fit.

Most of our phones have a built in equalizer but incase yours doesn’t these earbuds are going to have an app to support these. To be released in September! This should offer an easy way to update the device and play sound with equalizer settings. Very cool feature to look forward too.


You can get the Tronsmart Apollo Bold from AliExpress for around USD $99.99 and you can also buy the Tronsmart Apollo Bold TrueWireless ANC Earbuds for around USD $99 from Amazon –



  • Price
  • Sound is Great
  • Battery Life
  • Call Quality
  • Specifications


  • Unable to turn off the earbuds without putting them back in the case


Final thoughts:

The Apollo Bold easily achieves our Editors Choice Award! The sound was phenomenal, and these earbuds are loaded with every high quality specification you could ask for from a set of earbuds!



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