X2 Solarblast Gaming Headset Review

Closer Look

X2 about the Solarblast:

“We are proud to introduce to the X2 product lines, high quality gaming headsets with high quality microphones. The SolarBlast gaming headset is designed with comfort, functionality and genuine gaming pleasure in mind. The SolarBlast is connected by a single USB connector. The headset features a bass boost button and a volume control dial on the left ear cup, adjusting the performance and volume in seconds. Also featured is a microphone that folds into a slot on the side of the ear cup. The ear cup itself covers your entire ear, closing off any outside interference that can cause distractions. Enjoy amazing audio and hear your opponent before you see him. Dominate the game with this sophisticated gaming headset. X2 – All geared up!”


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Here it is, the new X2 Solarblast a virtual 7.1 Headset. I like the design of the headset its a simple black headset with red accents: The cable, on the ears and on the logo and the sides to show what side on witch ear. 

The headset also doesn’t feel cheap or fragile, something I really like, products that feel breakable or cheap are never good in my eyes. I love quality products that just feel good and strong. And not just break or die when you just touch them.


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The microphone of the headset can be fold into the slot on the earcup when you are not using it + it automatically mutes it then, really cool feature. I really like that, its much better than a permanent microphone or as a removable mic as it tends to get in your way ore you can lose it. So my choice goes to retractable microphones like those on Steelseries headsets or foldable microphones like this one.


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The headband is made of cloth and the two ear cups have leather covering. They feel soft on the head and don’t hurt or push too hard on the head. For comfortability the earcups are large enough, I find them even a bit to large as the headset felt a bit loose on my head. The size of the headset is adjustable so that’s good. The earcups aren’t really soft but not hard either.

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On the left side of the headset, where the microphone is situated there is also a volume control dial and a bass boost button.

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The X2 Solarblast is a USB powered headset, witch obviously means you need a USB port. So you can’t use the headset on a mobile device like a phone or an iPod. But I don’t really thing you are going to use a gaming headset with a phone so that’s not really a problem.



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