X2 Solarblast Gaming Headset Review

Verdict and Conclusion

The X2 Solarblast headsets may not be manufactured from the most expensive materials but they don’t feel cheap in any way. The used plastics actually feel strong and robust.

The color scheme of the headset, black with some red accents also look very nice, some headsets want to have multiple colors and special effects but in some cases they are really ugly, and I don’t get that feeling with this one. I did enjoy testing out this product and playing with it.

 photo 4



– Foldable microphone 

– Simple look 

– Bass boost button on earcup

– Volume wheel on earcup

– Microphone mutes automatically when fold in 



Leather earpads are a bit too hard 

– Headset in a bit loose on the head 

– Sound quality not great in all songs 


 Final words:

With a suggested retail price of 45 euro you can own a gaming  headset with a foldable microphone, cool but not exaggerated looks, a volume wheel on the earcup instead of on the cable and a bass boost button what I like too. If you want a gaming headset but your budget is on the small size, this headset has some cool features and a microphone that automatically mutes when closed in. It has its negative sides but its certainly not a bad headset!







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