X2 Solarblast Gaming Headset Review


For the testing I will listen to some music an play some games. Because its a gaming headset it doesn’t mean you can listen to music or watch you favorite movies.

The headset also has a ”Bass boost” option, what this means: You can hear the bass when its disabled but don’t feel it bouncing and if you enable it you can hear and feel the bass. I personal enjoy feeling the bass but for people who doesn’t really like that you can just switch it out. I really like to see this feature, definitely a big plus for the headset.


photo 9



Headhunterz – Hard With Style Episode 30

This was a Hardstyle podcast , Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre with a lot of bass and sound effects. I was a bit disappointed about the performance of the headset when listening this kind of music, it wasn’t bad but it didn’t really came to its full potential. Of course the X2 Solarblast is a fairly cheap headset and I also don’t expect it to compare with really high-end expensive headsets like the Steelseries Elite for example. The bass was alright but the other sound effects and melodies just didn’t came to their right.


 XX – The XX

This album is really different from the Hardstyle podcast I just listened to, its way more relaxing and more melody, and here the headset had in my eyes better performance. The voices and the instrumentals where clear plus the bass effects on the tracks were good as well. But the headset was designed for gaming as main purpose so…





Titanfall Beta:

As I am one of the lucky people that have access to the closed Titanfall beta, why don’t use it to test the sound quality of the headset? In Titanfall you are either a playing as a pilot which are agile but not really strong or as a titan a big and powerful robot but not as agile as a pilot. But because of that there is also a change in audio, hearing shooting or other players jumping/running can save your life as you can use that to your advantage by getting ready or running away. As a titan, hearing big guns, lock ons form anti-titan weapons or missiles is more useful than. so hearing that is nice as well. And with the Solarblast headset I could fully enjoy this awesome game.


Battlefield 4

I don’t really think anyone of our readers does not know the battlefield franchise. A big awesome shooter with huge maps and realism. And also the sound, shooting of the weapons, explosions, footsteps,… can all help to die less and make more points/kills. Or just the experience of an all out war with tanks rolling and jets swooping down while throwing a load of bombs your way, it really makes it more then a simple shooter.


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