Gigabyte Aorus Raid 2TB SSD Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion the Gigabyte Aorus Raid 2TB SSD is a solution for anyone still on a 3×3 setup that want 4×4 speeds. This thing is absolutely amazing. The fact that I am able to get those speeds from a 3×4 drive is quite amazing. It was also easy to setup and use. Just make sure you have an available PCIe 16×8 slot on your board and you are good to go. I didn’t have to do anything. I simply put the card in the slot, fired up the computer and had an available drive in disk management. It is set to raid 0 at default and you can change this if you want, all through the bios of your motherboard. What was also great was the temps. This never broke 44 degrees Celsius. That is a perfect temperature and with a temp threshold of 70 you are never going to see any thermal throttling. I used this drive to test with a couple of games installed and let me tell you, you can be in game in the matter of seconds. The speed of this drive is amazing and did not disappoint in any area. It loaded games way faster than I am used too and the temps aren’t absurd. The fan is virtual silent and you wont even hear it over your breathing. 

If you are looking for your best available option if you don’t have PCIe Gen 4×4, then this going to be something you want to look into. The price is right, as far as the performance you get. It is very cool to see something like this available for those of us not on a newer chipset. You will be able to inject a burst of speed to your system that wouldn’t be possible with out this performance controller. You can’t argue with the details. A 40%~ increase with only a 18% increase of investment, that is an awesome deal.

If a person wanted too, you could put better drives in there and probably achieve even higher speeds! This may be something we do if we get our hands on a set of 4 PCIe 3×4 M.2 drives!

You can buy the Gigabyte Aorus Raid 2TB SSD for around USD $389.99 from Amazon.



  • NVMe 4×4 speeds using 3×4 drives
  • Cheaper than a 2 TB 4×4 drive
  • Performance
  • Temperatures
  • Easy to setup and use (preconfigured to Raid 0)


  • Not-a-one


Final Thoughts:

The Gigabyte Gigabyte Aorus Raid 2TB SSD is a genius solution to the previous generation PCIe NVMe 3×4 drives. This raid controller can achieve 4×4 speeds and you wont be paying any extra getting those results! An absolutely fantastic device that is well deserved of our Editors Choice award!



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