Kingston KC600 1TB SATAIII SSD Upgrade Kit Review

Conclusion and Verdict

We had a break from Kingston SSD, so it’s a nice refresh to see a new SSD kit designed for storage upgrades in laptop and desktop computers. The whole package includes everything we may need for installation or migration to a new drive.

Kingston KC600 offers high performance and high endurance. Typical drive’s life is longer than in most popular SSD series what is suitable for all who will use this drive more often or for daily backups.

We can’t compare it to the fastest HyperX series, but also, the end-user is a bit different. Those who need fast and reliable SSD for daily work should be satisfied.

The KC600 1TB SATA III SSD Upgrade Kit costs around $160 in Amazon online store – click here to go to the Amazon store –

Kingston KC600 is covered by a 5-year warranty that is pretty long considering it’s inexpensive SSD series.


  • High performance to price ratio
  • Inexpensive
  • USB enclosure
  • Acronis True Image HD Software
  • 5-year warranty


  • Nothing worth to mention


Final words:

The KC600 Upgrade Kit is a perfect option for all who are planning to upgrade an HDD or old SSD drive on their laptop or desktop PC. The KC600 is fast and reliable but is also available at a reasonable price.

Kingston KC600 1TB SATA III Upgrade Kit receives FunkyKit Recommended Award!



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